Tutorial for Cropping and Saving Photos 

Satori is award-winning, resolution-independent, digital imaging and paint software for film, print, web and multi-media.

Once you have downloaded your photos from your camera to the computer, open the Satori Paint program.  You will use the file menu to open your photos.  Select open.  Locate your photo file on your computer hard drive, desktop, or disk.

You will see a listing of files in your photo or "My Pictures" folder.  The files will usually include a series of numbers and letters - something like below.  This will depend on your camera make and downloading software.  When the window comes up with "load to layer," say "ok."

You may get a "large file warning" - but just click on "continue."  You will end up with a high resolution photo.

Click on continue.

Click on OK

Look for the shortcut bar (see below).  Select the crop image -

Click on the top left corner of the area you want to keep and drag to the bottom right to select the portion of the photo you want to keep.  Go to file and select "save as."


You will want to select the "save as" option - .jpg.  Jpeg, jpg, and gif are the only readable graphics files on the web.  Since ClipBoard is a web-based portfolio program, you need to use web compatible formats  .

Select "save" and another box will pop up.  Select the folder you want to save in and give the photo a new name - preferably one that will help you remember the theme of the photo.  Notice the file name below is myphoto1 and the type of file is JPEG files (*jpg).  

Once you click on save, another box will come up.  This box will allow you to change the size of the photo so it will work on a web page.  This window indicates your are saving the bitmap files as myphoto1.jpg and you'll see which folder the file is being saved in.

Generally, keep everything at the default settings with the lock aspect and pixels boxes, as well as the "use crop area" clicked.  You will size from using the pixel x and y dimension numbers.  Change the largest number to around 250-350 pixels depending on the photo.  If the lock aspect box is clicked, the photo will retain the correct perspective in width and height.  See the size changes below.

Ignore this popup and click on "OK."  Another box will pop up and ask about the quality of your image.  Just leave it at 100% and say "OK."

Then go check your image properties by locating the file on your computer.  Right click and select properties

When you right click, you can view the properties by clicking the bottom menu item - "properties."  You will notice that myphoto1.jpg is now only 72.4 Kilobytes.  That is a very respectable size for a web graphic.  At this point, you should be able to load up your photo into the photo gallery or into a showcase without any problem!