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Top File Menu Bar,

Opening Screen Options - View in Slideshow or Slide Sorter

If your photos have not been imported into the FinePix directory, you need to toggle on the left to get your other computer folders. (See folder tree icon). 

You may have to go to the "see other folders" section to locate your photos.  You will then see a folder tree of your computer directory.

Left Menu

Toggled to Folders


To resize photo, you select photo in your right window and click on the down arrow to open up the full menu of the "Image Utilization" section of the left frame.  You will select "Clip/Insert Text in Image."  For this program, clip is your term for "crop" the photo.  Resize will change the whole photo size, but generally, you will crop the photo first.  Drag the handles so they frame the section of the photo you want to use and crop the photo.  Save your photo where you can find it!


Remove the checkbox for "Fix Aspect Ratio" and you will have more control over the "handles" of the select box.

Don't forget to "close the window" when you are working in a special popup window.

Select "close" and you will be given an opportunity to save your file.

Select the folder where you want to store your new file - and give it a new name so you don't lose your original file.

Here are examples of typical photo file size.  Note the difference between these two files.  You will want your files to be less than 500 pixels if you are trying to use them on a web page.  ClipBoard is a web-based program and all photos must be a small file size in order to load up properly on the web.  An ideal size might be 300x200 pixels depending on the detail in the photo.